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Drug Offense Defense Lawyer in Renton, Washington

Understanding Drug Charges in Washington

Drug offenses in Washington State can range from simple possession to more serious charges of distribution and manufacturing. These charges carry significant legal consequences and can have long-lasting impacts on your personal and professional life.

Why Choose Duncan Law PLLC for Drug Offense Defense?

At Duncan Law PLLC, we specialize in defending clients against drug charges in Washington State. Our experienced team is dedicated to protecting your rights and fighting for the best possible outcome in your case, whether it involves possession, distribution, or manufacturing charges.

Types of Drug Offenses We Handle


  • Simple possession

  • Possession with intent to distribute

  • Possession of drug paraphernalia


  • Sale of controlled substances

  • Delivery of controlled substances

  • Conspiracy to distribute


  • Production of controlled substances

  • Operating drug labs

  • Cultivation of illegal plants (e.g., marijuana in excess of legal limits)

The Legal Process for Drug Offense Cases

Initial Consultation

We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand the details of your case and explain your legal options.

Case Investigation

Our team conducts a thorough investigation, examining evidence, police procedures, and potential constitutional violations.

Pre-Trial Motions

We file appropriate motions to suppress evidence or dismiss charges when possible, often focusing on search and seizure issues.

Negotiation with Prosecutors

We engage in negotiations to potentially reduce charges, seek alternative sentencing, or diversion programs when applicable.

Trial Preparation and Representation

If necessary, we prepare a robust defense strategy and represent you vigorously at trial.

Potential Defenses in Drug Cases

  • Illegal search and seizure

  • Lack of probable cause

  • Chain of custody issues

  • Entrapment

  • Mistaken identity

  • Medical necessity (in certain circumstances)

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between possession and possession with intent to distribute?

Possession with intent typically involves larger quantities of drugs or evidence suggesting plans to sell, carrying harsher penalties than simple possession.

Can I get drug charges expunged from my record?

In some cases, yes. Washington law allows for expungement under certain conditions, which we can help you navigate.

How does Washington's approach to marijuana affect other drug charges?

While marijuana is legal in Washington for adults, it's still regulated. Other drugs remain illegal and are prosecuted seriously.

What are the penalties for drug manufacturing?

Manufacturing charges often result in felony convictions with potential prison sentences and hefty fines. The severity depends on the type and quantity of drug involved.

Can medical marijuana prescriptions be used as a defense?

For charges involving marijuana, a valid medical prescription can be a defense, but it doesn't apply to other controlled substances.

Why Choose Duncan Law PLLC?

  • Extensive experience in Washington State drug offense defense

  • Proven track record in achieving favorable outcomes

  • Thorough understanding of state and federal drug laws

  • Commitment to aggressive and strategic defense

  • Clear communication throughout the legal process

Potential Consequences of Drug Convictions

  • Imprisonment

  • Fines

  • Probation or parole

  • Mandatory drug treatment programs

  • Loss of professional licenses

  • Impact on employment and housing opportunities

  • Immigration consequences for non-citizens

Additional Services Related to Drug Offense Defense

  • Asset forfeiture defense

  • Probation violation hearings

  • Drug court representation

  • Appeals of drug convictions

  • Assistance with drug treatment program placement

Contact Us for Drug Offense Defense Lawyer

If you're facing drug charges in Washington State, don't wait to seek legal representation. Our experienced team at Duncan Law PLLC is here to protect your rights and fight for your future.

Phone: 206-237-7714

Take the crucial first step in your defense. Contact Duncan Law PLLC today for expert drug offense defense services in Washington State. We're committed to providing aggressive, strategic defense to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case, whether you're facing possession, distribution, or manufacturing charges.

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