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Gaurdianship in Washington State | Duncan Law PLLC

We'll assist you in making sure that your loved ones are protected. Duncan Law understands the importance of protection given the many instances of child abuse, elderly neglect or abuse, and inequality against disabled people.

What it Means

Guardianship is the legal process in Washington State which allows the court to name one or more individuals or entities as the decision maker for a person who lacks capacity to make decisions due to disability, age, or other factors. 

Understanding the Issue

Guardianship may be a consideration where a person is unable to take care of his or her affairs in the aspects of personal, financial, and medical due to illness, age or disability. This situation is commonly seen with elderly family members or close relatives, children who are unable to be with their parents, or people with disabilities. 

Washington State has two forms of guardianship. They include guardianship of the person and guardianship of the estate (conservatorship). One can be granted full or limited guardianship of the estate, person, or both. Guardianship of the person includes decision making concerning a person’s lifestyle and health. Guardianship of the estate deals with financial matters. Limited guardianship entails the limitation of the guardian’s authority in certain areas as deemed proper by the court.

Legal Implications

Obtaining a guardianship consists of various steps including petitioning the court, serving notice to the interested parties, attending a court hearing to decide on the need for a guardianship, and regularly submitting reports to the court.

Guardianship is also associated with ethical issues. The guardians should take care of the ward and make decisions that are most advantageous to the ward while at the same time showing respect for the ward’s dignity. The use of power in the wrong way or lack of it can bring legal consequences including dismissal from the position of the guardian.

How We Can Help

We know the issues related to guardianship in Washington State at Duncan Law PLLC. We have a team of professionals who will help you through the legal procedures with tenderness. We provide comprehensive services, including petitioning for guardianship and filing regular reports.

Initial Consultation: You will describe your circumstances and I will explain the law and the procedure of obtaining the guardianship.

Petition Filing: We draft and file the necessary paperwork with the court.

Court Representation: We tend to your case and make sure that it is argued out well in court.

Ongoing Support: We provide support for the entire course of the guardianship; this way, you can meet all the requirements of a guardian.

It is our desire to see that you and your loved one undergo the least strain as you go through the guardianship process and get the protection that is required.

Call for a Consultation 

To get a professional consultation on guardianship in Washington State, call Duncan Law PLLC. This article about guardianship is written by our experienced guardianship attorney, and we are ready to assist you. Contact us today at 206-237-7714 for an appointment and guarantee the safety of your loved ones.


1. What is guardianship?

Guardianship is where a court of law assigns a person known as a guardian to manage the affairs of another individual for due to lack or capacity.

2. What are the varieties of guardianship available in Washington State?

Guardianiship of the person and guardianship of the estate, either in a full or limited capacity.

3. How does one get to be appointed a guardian?

One who wishes to be a guardian must qualify, file a petition, give notice to interested parties, and go before the judge to establish the need for guardianship.

4. Can a guardian be changed; or be replaced?

Yes. To achieve this, you will need to file a Petition with the court.

5. What can be done in guardianship by Duncan Law PLLC?

Duncan Law PLLC offers guardianship services which include consultation services, legal representation, and follow up services to ensure that the guardian complies with his or her duties.

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