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Getting You the Help You Need

Contract Paper Signing


Everyone should be prepared. Whether that means having a Will or Powers of Attorney in place, our knowledge of the protections needed for you and your family will provide you the assurance that you need.

Grandma's Healing Touch


We will help you to protect your loved ones. At Duncan Law, we believe in the heightened need for protection of vulnerable populations including minors, the elderly, and those living with disabilities.

Police Car Lights


Hire Duncan Law to keep your criminal record and your mind clear.

Ms. Duncan has extensive experience prosecuting criminal offenses including negotiating matters and trying multiple jury cases. This experience provides her a unique knowledge and familiarity with criminal offenses  and how to defend against them.

Driving a Car


At Duncan Law, we understand the concern that our clients have regarding raised insurance rates due to traffic infractions. Hire us to keep your insurance rates low, your driving record clean, and your mind at ease!

Smiling Handshake


From LLC formation to a risk analysis of your business, Duncan Law does it all. Let us help to ensure that you and your business are protected!

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