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Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer in Renton, Washington

Understanding Assault and Battery Charges in Washington

In Washington State, assault and battery are serious criminal charges that can have severe consequences. While many states separate these into two distinct crimes, Washington typically charges them together under various degrees of assault. Understanding the nuances of these charges is crucial for an effective defense.

Why Choose Duncan Law PLLC for Assault and Battery Defense?

At Duncan Law PLLC, we specialize in defending clients against assault and battery charges in Washington State. Our experienced team is dedicated to protecting your rights and fighting for the best possible outcome in your case.

Types of Assault Charges We Handle

  • First Degree Assault

  • Second Degree Assault

  • Third Degree Assault

  • Fourth Degree Assault (often referred to as "Simple Assault")

  • Domestic Violence Assault

  • Assault of a Child

The Legal Process for Assault and Battery Cases

Initial Consultation

We begin with a comprehensive consultation to understand the details of your case and explain your legal options.

Case Investigation

Our team conducts a thorough investigation, gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to build a strong defense.

Pre-Trial Motions

We file appropriate motions to suppress evidence or dismiss charges when possible.

Negotiation with Prosecutors

We engage in negotiations to potentially reduce charges or seek alternative resolutions.

Trial Preparation and Representation

If necessary, we prepare a robust defense strategy and represent you vigorously at trial.

Potential Defenses in Assault and Battery Cases

  • Self-defense

  • Defense of others

  • Lack of intent

  • Mistaken identity

  • Consent (in certain circumstances)

  • Alibi

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between felony and misdemeanor assault?

The degree of assault determines whether it's a felony or misdemeanor. First, Second, and Third Degree Assaults are typically felonies, while Fourth Degree Assault is usually a misdemeanor.

Can assault charges be dropped?

Yes, charges can potentially be dropped or reduced based on various factors, including lack of evidence or prosecutorial discretion.

What are the penalties for assault in Washington State?

Penalties vary widely depending on the degree of assault, ranging from fines and probation for misdemeanors to lengthy prison sentences for serious felonies.

How can a prior assault conviction affect my case?

Prior convictions can lead to enhanced penalties and may limit defense options. It's crucial to disclose any prior convictions to your attorney.

What should I do if I'm falsely accused of assault?

Do not speak to law enforcement without an attorney present. Contact Duncan Law PLLC immediately to protect your rights and begin building your defense.

Why Choose Duncan Law PLLC?

  • Extensive experience in Washington State criminal defense

  • Proven track record in assault and battery cases

  • Thorough understanding of Washington's assault laws and court procedures

  • Commitment to aggressive and strategic defense

  • Clear communication throughout the legal process

Potential Consequences of Assault Convictions

  • Imprisonment

  • Fines

  • Probation

  • Loss of firearm rights

  • Impact on employment and housing opportunities

  • Immigration consequences for non-citizens

Additional Services Related to Assault and Battery Defense

  • Restraining order defense

  • Expungement of criminal records

  • Appeals of assault convictions

  • Probation violation hearings

Contact Us for Assault and Battery Defense Lawyer

If you're facing assault and battery charges in Washington State, don't wait to seek legal representation. Our experienced team at Duncan Law PLLC is here to protect your rights and fight for your future.

Phone: 206-237-7714

Take the crucial first step in your defense. Contact Duncan Law PLLC today for expert assault and battery defense services in Washington State. We're committed to providing aggressive, strategic defense to protect your rights and secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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