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Illegal Turns Lawyer in Renton, Washington

Understanding Illegal Turn Violations

Illegal turns are serious traffic infractions in Washington State that can lead to significant consequences. These violations occur in various situations, including:

  • Making U-turns where prohibited

  • Turning right on red lights when not permitted

  • Turning left on red lights (except onto one-way streets where allowed)

  • Failing to use proper turn signals

  • Turning from the wrong lane

  • Turning into the incorrect lane when completing a turn

Consequences of Illegal Turn Violations

Legal Penalties

  • Fines typically ranging from $124 to $250

  • Potential points on your driving record

Additional Consequences

  • Increased insurance premiums

  • Negative impact on your driving record

  • Increased accident risk and potential liability

Why Choose Duncan Law PLLC for Your Illegal Turn Defense

At Duncan Law PLLC, we offer:

  1. Thorough analysis of your citation

  2. Identification of potential defenses

  3. Expert representation in traffic court

  4. Efforts to reduce fines and prevent points on your record

Our Defense Approach

1. Comprehensive Case Review

We examine:

  • Officer's report

  • Available evidence (traffic camera footage, witness statements)

  • Road signage and markings at the violation location

2. Strategic Defense Development

We may:

  • Challenge the officer's perspective

  • Demonstrate unclear road signs

  • Present evidence of necessity (e.g., avoiding hazards)

3. Skilled Negotiation

Our goals include:

  • Reducing fines

  • Exploring deferral or dismissal options

  • Negotiating for lesser violations

4. Strong Court Representation

We provide robust advocacy in traffic court when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do all illegal turns have the same consequences?

  • A: No, severity varies based on the specific turn and circumstances.

  • Q: Can my license be suspended for an illegal turn?

  • A: Typically not for a single violation, but multiple infractions could lead to suspension.

  • Q: How long does this violation stay on my record?

  • A: Most traffic infractions remain for 3 years in Washington State.

  • Q: Can I contest an illegal turn ticket?

  • A: Yes, and having an attorney can significantly improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

  • Q: Will this affect my insurance rates?

  • A: It can potentially increase premiums, especially with prior violations or if an accident results.

Contact Us for Expert Defense

Don't let an illegal turn citation impact your record and insurance rates unnecessarily. Contact Duncan Law PLLC today:

Phone: 206-237-7714 Website:

Our experienced team is committed to protecting your rights and minimizing the impact of this citation. We'll work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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