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Traffic Infractions in Washington State | Duncan Law PLLC

Traffic infractions can be frustrating to deal with. A committed infraction can lead to limited employability and increased insurance rates. Consult with us today to discuss how we can keep your driving record CLEAR!

What it Means

Washington State traffic violations consist of moving and non-moving violations that are not legally categorized as criminal activities. While traffic violations are not as serious as criminal charges, they can result in fines, points on your license or driving record, and even higher insurance rates.

Understanding the Issue

It is a nuisance to receive a traffic ticket and this may have long term impacts on a person’s driving record as well as their finances. Common traffic infractions in Washington State include:

  • Speeding

  • Running a red light

  • Illegal U-turn

  • Failure to yield

  • Inattentive driving

  • Seatbelt violations

  • Parking violations

When you receive a traffic ticket, you typically have three options: pay the fine given, request a mitigation hearing; or fight the ticket in court. A mitigation hearing can enable you to explain to a judge why the fine amount should be reduced. While the judge may decrease the fine, the infraction may be recorded on your record. Defending the ticket means taking the case to court, challenging the evidence, and possibly having the ticket dismissed.

Legal Implications

Traffic infractions carry several legal implications, including:

Fines: Fines are commensurate with the degree of the offense committed.

Points on Driving Record: Accruing points results to an increase of your insurance premium and at times may lead to revocation/suspension of your driver's license.

Insurance Premiums: A moving violation reflects on ones’ traffic record, which causes an increase inn insurance premiums.

License Suspension: The law prohibits certain behaviors on the road and serious or multiple infractions may result in suspension or revocation of your driver’s license.

Washington State utilizes a points system.  Many accrued points in a specific amount of time may result in increased fines, obligatory driving classes, and sometimes license suspension. 

How Duncan Law PLLC Can Help

Duncan Law PLLC is a law firm that is based in the state of Washington; we offer representation to our clients in traffic infraction cases. We are well acquainted with the specifics of traffic law and aim to  safeguarding the rights of our clients. 


1. What should you do when you receive a traffic ticket?


When you are given a traffic ticket, you should read the ticket carefully and then decide to either pay the fine, ask for mitigation, or fight the ticket in court. Getting in touch with a legal professional may assist you in understanding your choices.

2. Is it possible to defend ones traffic ticket without hiring the services of an attorney?


Although it is possible to defend a traffic ticket on your own, it is recommended that you hire a traffic attorney to increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome. An attorney is in a good position to see the flaws in the prosecution’s case and defend you properly.

3. Is it possible that Duncan Law PLLC would be able to assist in all the variations of traffic violations?


Yes, Duncan Law PLLC can help with practically any traffic ticket. This includes but is not limited to speeding, failure to yield, running a red light, and making an unlawful U-turn.

4. What is a mitigation hearing?


A mitigation hearing give you an opportunity to explain to the judge why the fine should be reduced. While the Judge may decrease the fine, the infraction (if for a moving violation) remains on your driving record.

5. Why is it pertinent that one hires the services of a traffic attorney at the earliest?


Consulting a traffic attorney at the earliest opportunity means your rights are safeguarded and your case may have a better possibility of success. An attorney can also assist in meeting other crucial dates in the filing of the ticket’s dispute.

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